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Set-up Projects
• Identify task management software
• Set up all clients and staff flow in software
• Define and set up the onboarding process for staff and clients
• Define and set up the offboarding process for staff and clients
• Create a client information center to be accessible by all staff to include client
      contact information, banking access and other secured information
• Create detailed workflows as needed
Ongoing Project Management
• Maintain and monitor CRM software
• Manage onboarding new clients
• Oversee company workflow to ensure staff is completing tasks in a timely
     manner and assist when the process gets stuck
• Analyze workflows for improved efficiency
• Communicate project needs and updates with clients
• Ensure all client information is current and updated
• Manage offboarding as needed
Additional Management
• Cover for CEO while out of office, vacations, meetings
• Client interactions for follow-up or assistance
• Special Projects as needed
QuickBooks and Quicken Bookkeeping
• Senior Associate Bookkeeper employed part-time with Intuit’s Clean Up team.
• This service helps businesses identify and rectify errors in their books, streamline the
     accounting processes, and improve their financial reporting capabilities.
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